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Welp, after getting my CCW permit up here in NY, I decided on the XD Subcompact .40SW model over some others I had in mind. After finally getting it amended to the license, I'm loving the feel of it but have yet to put rounds through it. I guess I really shouldn't say I like the feel just yet. :p

Tonight I bit the bullet (er...) and bought a IWB holster and a reloader after some research here on these lovely forums.

One C-TAC IWB from GunnersAlley (C-clip + 1 1/2in):

And one mag speed reloader from Pistol-Gear I hear so much about:

Kudos to everyone mentioning the great Pistol-Gear.com and to Scott at support there for the extremely quick reply to my request to add the decal to my order to show the world. Color me impressed... I hope I'm plesently satisfied with my decisions when I get them though. I knew I needed a reloader when I was trying to jam that damn strong (and small, stupid NY laws) mag with 10 rounds. I could only get to 7 before I gave up with lots of thumb pain and pinching. ;)

Now the only thing bugging me with the XD is the slide release (lock?) mechanism and how useless it seems. I've always thought it was there to bring the slide forward when you needed it on reloading, but it's absolutely impossible to (almost seems stuck, shaves the finger good) and makes you fall back to rocking the slide back normally to bring it forward. I'm kind of disappointed with that. I've dismantled it and lubricated it a bit for starters and I'm also wondering if there's anything else I should do with my newly purchased heat. :)

And I want to add a big thanks to everyone on the forum for being so helpful to others posting. They help a great bit more to people lurking the boards most of all. ;)

----- Edit -----

Adding this snip to my post that I just came across in another recent thread that I found to be a good piece of information for anyone that's new and might click on my post. Thanks for posting it Lonnie, and thanks to Hobocircus for typing that up for him. :)

I would go to Wal-Mart or your favorite gunshop and get some supplies. First of all a good pistol cleaning kit (Rod, patches, oil, solvent). A silicone cloth to wipe down the outside and a can of gun scrubber is good too. Read the instructions for gun scrubber, it isnt' for all surfaces. You really should learn to take your XD apart and clean it. It's a good idea to clean a new pistol and it gets you familiar with the takedown procedure. 50 rounds is a pretty good start, but I would maybe get 2 more boxes of ammo and different brands if you can find them. Your pistol should shoot everything well, but trying some different brand may help you decide what works better in your gun. You should have 2 magazines from Springfield Armory already (if you bought new) and a 3rd isn't necessary right now. Most gun ranges will have eye and ear protection available for a small fee, but why pay it? I would get some ear muffs and shooting glasses at Walmart to save some hassles and you are going to shoot again arent you? The range will also sell you targets, but you can save money if you bring your own. Get some regular size targets, not the little tiny ones. You do not need a holster and most indoor ranges won't let you shoot from a holster anyways, so I wouldn't worry about a holster right now.
It would be a big help if you have a experienced shooting friend that can help you the first time to watch over things. If no one is available, you might want to ask someone at the range. Talk to the guys there and see if someone can give you some pointers. If you can go at a slow time, it might be better to get someone to help you. A bad time would be like at 12 in the afternoon on saturday for example.

Some pointers:
1. Put on your shooting glasses and then your ear protection. Indoor ranges have double doors, why? Well, you open one door, you step inside, close the door behind you and then open the door to the range. This way you don't let the sound of gunfire into the main store.
2. Take your spot at the "alley" you are to shoot in. Your pistol stays there and remains there until you are ready to leave. IF you have a problem (jam, misfire...). Your pistol remains pointed downrange and left there on the shelf in front of you. If you can't clear your problem, put your pistol down and get someone to help you. You do not walk around with your pistol for any reason. It remains there untill you are done shooting.
3. Your targets are clipped to the target holder and there is a switch that sends your targets downrange and back again. Since you are new, I would shoot at mid range, not too far and not too close. Some ranges also have lights that will illuminate your targets if it's too dark. There should be a light switch nearby.
4. Your spent brass will be hot and bounce around the place, make sure you don't have clothes that will catch a spent case. It's not a pleasant experience.
5. Most ranges won't let you pick up spent brass and you won't need them anyways for now. (Someday you may start reloading, but thats another subject altogether).

Here is what I do to clean my XD:

What I do:
1. Drop magazine:
2. Check chamber to make sure pistol is unloaded.
3. Dissasemble into major components. (follow instructions that came with your XD)
4. Dry brush all areas where gunk accumulates and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
5. Put some solvent on a good gun brush and wet scrub all dirty areas.
6. Spray gun scrubber to clear out the areas just brushed. (Wear eye protection)
7. Wipe down with another clean cloth.
8. Put some good quality oil on a Q-tip and oil areas that will benefit from lube. (Slide surfaces and areas where you can see that 2 surfaces are rubbing against each other, also lightly around the outside of the barrel.
9. Reassemble and work the slide a few times to spread the lube evenly.
10. Put a small amount of oil on a silicone cloth and wipe down the outer surfaces.
Thats about all I can think of for now. Ask those around you if you have any questions. Any decent, normal, courteous shooter should hopefully be around to help you. Size people up, find someone you will be sure to get some good instruction from. There are "Knuckle-Heads" at the range too and they can be the worst people to learn from. Be very safe, and you drop your magazine and check your chamber and check it again to be sure it is empty.
Have a good time and in time you will be just fine. Good luck, be safe and ask us many questions.
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