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Yankee Hill Specter XL

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I'm new to the AR world and I have a chance to purchase a Yankee Hill Specter XL, that is almost new. From what I have seen and read they appear to be a quality gun. Are there certain things I should be looking for in this platform ? Has anyone owned one or extensive time behind the trigger ? any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Its for sure a quality weapon, however don't over pay for it. What is the seller asking for the rifle? When you say almost new have you looked at all the parts for wear?
Since it is YH I am sure everything is milspec, however, do what norbs said and check all the internals for wear. Check the buffer, bolt face, bolt lugs, bore, hammer and trigger group, also check the firing pin. If all those look good and the action is nice I say go for it if the price is right. YH is good stuff!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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