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Well, every once in a while, you get this great idea and you are sure that someone else has already thought of it and ar eprobably making money on it.

Anyway - I have an XML on the way, but I don't always want to have it on the subbie - so I was thinking, they can make everything else out of Kydex, why not a simple "rail" to put on you belt so that you can slide the XML on the pseudo rail and it can ride comfortably along side evrything else you haev on your belt.

FIRST - does this make sense?
SECOND - who males one of these beauts.
THIRD - if no one is currently making these - I will delete this thread and retire an obnoxiously rich 34 year old! :lol:

Thanks for the help.


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Uncle Mike's makes a holder that uses a picatinny rail as the attachment method. I have one and it fits my M3 and X200 just fine.. since the XML is smaller than both the M3 and X200, but uses the picatinny rail interface, it should fit well also. it's made of kydex and seems fairly strong.

I ordered mine from http://cheaperthandirt.com and it's their catalogue part number 45530.

Uncle Mike's part number is 5030-1. i'm sure that if you search google for something like 'uncle mike's 5030-1' it should return a bunch of places that may be close to you that carry that item.

as far as it's praticality, i'll leave that up to someone else to decide and argue about :)

for the price tho, i think if your interested, it's worth checking out.

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