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I took a look at the XDS 9 this afternoon. Nice gun in great shape, and while everyone is looking for more slender guns for carry, I found this one almost too slender for my liking. It just didn't feel right. Just a little more girth would be better.
My XDS isn't as comfortable to hold as my XDM; I agree with you--the width is a bit too narrow. All three of my pistols (2 x XDM, 1 x XDS) have the same grip texture which I do not mind at all. Personal preference...everybody's different. As they said above, the texture on the 2.0 is different.

If I didn't EDC in a Sneaky Pete holster, I wouldn't have bought the XDS. I'd have preferred to carry the XDM Compact, but Pete doesn't make a holster for it. My main consideration on carrying is I don't want it inside my waistband, and I don't want to open carry either. (I don't want any snowflakes to have a freakout in the grocery store.) The overwhelming majority of folks only see a fanny pack, not a holster. The only people to recognize it for what it is so far were gun guys--who are much less likely to have a cow than the general public.

Oddly, the pistol that feels the very best in my hand is the XDM Compact with a pinkie grip on the magazine. The XDM Competition grip is a teeny bit thicker but gives me somewhat tighter groups. Go figure.

Good luck in your quest.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts