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XD's Mostly DA?

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I am seeing a lot of DA or DAO in describing the action of these XDs. The last thing I want is DAO. Are the XDs that are designated as DA really mean DA/SA?
Thanks, Steve
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Its a striker fired pistol. There's not a way to fire by simply pulling the trigger. Here's a link that may help clarify

Trigger Types Defined and Explained.
Do you own an XD? If not go to a gun shop and try one out, check the trigger.
Without picking nits the XD is 99% SA. The striker is 99% cocked pulling the trigger bill bring the striker back less than 1/16 of an inch to release it and fire the gun.
It's not a DA.
It's not a DA.
A lot of LGS's websites describe the XD as DA or DAO.
A lot of LGS's websites describe the XD as DA or DAO.

Yeah, they do don't they. But Agalindo's explanation is spot on.
Yeah, they do don't they. But Agalindo's explanation is spot on.
Thanks for clearing this up. Below is a link from my LGS which states a certain XD is DAO. If you are going to buy a piece online and all you have to go by is their description :confused:

Davidson's Catalog Item Detail=
No, all the XDs and XDms work the same way. The weight of the striker spring is compressed and fully latched behind the sear by the slide opening to chamber a round. This happens when the slide is opened either manually or as a result of a fired round. This occurs during the first .5 inch (or less) of slide opening from battery. You cannot load a cartridge into the chamber without 'cocking' the striker. From there, the striker is always set until fired. Because of how the sear slightly cams as it moves on the pivot pin to release the striker, there is some minor movement of the striker during the trigger pull. This is not like the glock design where part of completing the striker stroke and spring compression is dependent on the trigger pull.
Is that small movement of the striker what prevents the XDm from being single action? That seems a little silly.
The XD and the XDM are SAO Single Action Only.

Netweezer, was simply pointing out that there is some incorrect information on the internet... I know how you feel, that also destroyed my faith in Al Gore!

In order to be any kind of Double Action trigger type, pulling the trigger must cock the hammer/striker and eventually fire the cartridge. With DA you can attempt to fire a loaded cartridge again, by simply pulling the trigger again. That is not possible with an XD or XDM. With these weapons, you must cock the striker before firing, by:

1. Manually operating the slide action, (loading the first round)
2. Automatic operation of the slide action, following successful firing of the weapon.

As ThumperIII reports above, the first 1/2 inch of slide travel moving back from fully chambered, cocks the striker, so it may be possible, after a misfire, to do this small movement of the slide and then move it back to full chamber, check the cocking indicator to see if it is cocked, and then pull the trigger to try firing again. For safety, most recommend waiting some time after a misfire, and then doing a full cycle of the slide, ejecting the round that misfired, in case there is something dangerous/faulty about that cartridge.
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