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Xds-9 4.0 Extended Magazine 9 + possible ?

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The 9mm 9 round extended magazine looks like there is room for a couple more rounds.... Is there any spring / follower kit to hold more rounds or an aftermarket higher cap mag ?
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Anyone ??
No and no as far as I know.

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I agree 100% and would happily pay as well
My guess is they went with that size because the 45 extended mag was made at 7 to copy a 1911. They use the same mag for the 9mm to save money and not produce another mag.

XDs 9mm is different mag, not the same as the 45 acp.
Personally I wouldn't want to see it tried. After a certain point you cause more problems then you solve in a high-capacity single stack 9mm mag due to the cartridge taper. Nose dive potential increases in direct proportion to round count.

Take a look at the article below and you'll see why. Ever notice that the 9 round mag is more difficult to unload than the 7? Here's why:

The 9mm Automatic: A Better 9mm Cartridge | Shooting Times
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