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OOPs, I meant to post this in the XDM section. Sorry. Mods, please remove with my apologies. Mj

First off I am lucky enough to enjoy owning many guns. This means I have tried them back to back over an extended period of time in different clothes and situations like sitting, driving, motorcycling, walking, playing pool, etc,.

I have come to several conclusions.
#1, There is no 1 gun for all situations. But if SHTF I would prefer to have my XDM in my hand.
#2. I prefer the XDm hybrid compact frame with a 4.5" slide simply for capacity and accuracy reasons. This is my cold weather gun as it takes a bit more to conceal.
#3. The DB9 is my grab-and-go gun that I can carry with anything I am wearing. Especially cargo shorts and a t-shirt or when I plan on being more active or in highly populated indoor areas like malls and such without a coat or cover shirt.
#4. The XDs 4.0 is best suited as my truck gun. I keep it in there 24/7 and it is my fall-back if I leave the house in a rush and forget to pack one on my side. I love the gun, hate the limited capacity and weight compared to my DB9 which only holds 1 less round but is about 1/2 the weight and size. The 4.0 it is the perfect intermediate for me. I also have a 3.3" XDs but that's a just in case that I keep in my office as I truly prefer a 4" barrel at a minimum.
#5. Mo matter what gun I am carrying I feel it on my side. I carry IWB and after many different holsters I have just come to the conclusion that since even my clothes on my back bother me that I can not get around the fact that the gun will to. I just deal with it and constantly find myself readjusting my pants and belt.
I have settled on Kydex IWB holsters with a forward cant for the XDs and XDM while I prefer the ClipDraw on the DB9. All carried in the 4 O'clock position.
However in addition usually carry a 357 S&W 340PD on my leg and a .25 in my pocket. My profession used to force me to carry lots of cash in some seedy places so I always felt more comfortable with a little backup. I thought I would throw in that info just in case you were wondering if I was paranoid or crazy.

So, I am just wondering. Does anyone else have any info to share on the topics above, questions or affirmations? I like info so any and all would be helpful.
Thanks, Mj
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