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I have Truglow TFO night sights on my XDm and factory night sights on my Sig Sauer P239. In low light conditions the brightness of both are equal.

Now, about the Sight Picture. Springfield Armory uses what is referred to as a 6 o'clock hold for the sight picture. What this means is that if you line up your sights so that the top edge of the front site is exactly bisecting the X in the center of the target, that is where the round will strike at 75 feet. If you see page 33 in the manual there is an illustration of this. I have checked my pistol at 50 feet with my TFO sights and this is how my pistol is sighted.

Now, my Sig Sauer is sighted so that when you sight on the target, you want the DOT in the front sight to overlay the X in the center of the target. Which means that the sights will obscure the point of impact. People who are used to this type of sight picture will report that the XD pistols shoot high. However, I happen to prefer Springfield Armory's sight picture over than of my Sig, because it permits me to see part of the point of impact. So, to me, my Sig could be said to shoot low. At some point I plan on changing out my front sight on my Sig so that it matches the XDm but it's not urgent. Both pistols can deliver at defense ranges so who cares if one is an inch low, or high.

My point is that te Sight picture between manufactureres vary. So, read the manual and see what the manufacturer uses before you assume that something is wrong. If you don't like the sight picture that is standard, it's a fairly simple matter to have it changed so that your new pistol has the sight picture YOU want to use.
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