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Ok, I know that people have searched far and wide for this. I hope this helps some people out.

I contacted Blackhawk! via E-mail and here it is....

My Question:
From: patrick sheehan
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 10:37 PM
To: BLACKHAWK! Customer Service
Subject: Level 3 Serpa Solution?

Hi, I'm looking for a level 3 holster for my Springfield Armory XDm (.40 s&w) and would really prefer one offered by your company. I like the products you offer but I love and most importantly trust my XDm and my abilities with it. I was hoping that you had some information on whether a product is being developed for that pistol model and if so when it may be available.

Thank you for your time.

Patrick Sheehan

Blackhawk's Response:
Good Morning Patrick,
Thank you for contacting Blackhawk! In regards to your concern, we have made a holster for this weapon and it should be available for purchase around the second week of October.

Have A Great Day!!!!

Sharene Milan
Customer Service Representative, Tactical Systems – BLACKHAWK!
ATK Security and Sporting
6160 Commander Pkwy
Norfolk, VA 23502 U.S.A.
Phone: 800-694-5263 ext: 3351
Fax: 888-830-2013
Email: [email protected]

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I like the Blackhawk Serpa line, and it's well accepted here at XDTalk. Some on officerdotcom do not and would certainly voice an opinion as soon as they could see this post. If I were still in uniform I'd be wearing a Serpa duty holster right now.

As it is, being a Detective in civilian clothes I use either a Blackhawk Serpa CQC or Blackhawk Askins-style leather scabbard.
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