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Hi all,

Haven't been on in a while.

Situation -
I am transferring to Canada for work. I have a XDM 3.8 9mm compact. Canada has a 4.17+ inch barrel length requirement. I know some will point out the 10 round requirement up there......The XDsc 9mm 10 round mags function flawlessly in the XDM 3.8 9mm compact but you will notice a little wiggle/loose fit but so far never had a function issue.

Solutions Im looking at -
1. Buying a 4.5 barrel and dropping it in. Called SA customer service which is generally really good but they obsessively have this line in the sand of we don't sell parts and only whole guns. Hey I get it they don't feel/see a market for that. But what if I bought a XD 4.5 and threw in the barrel or took the slide and swapped....they said no.

2. Extended threaded or ported barrels. While googling I couldn't find much outside of Barsto which would cost about $250-275 plus another $100 for gunsmith fit. That puts me closer to the cost of another gun.

3. Ask the folks on the XD Talk. Does anyone have any solutions/ideas to help?

4. Sell the gun. I hope I do not have to. Love this thing!!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance
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