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XDM and Mass compliance

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I am a texas resident and CHL holder. I may be moving to MA in the near future. (Before you start bad-mouthing the state, I'm from MA, all my people are s. boston irish; love texas too, but MA is home.) So, a question. My absolute favorite pistol is my full-size XDM 9mm. I know it isn't a mass compliant firearm, but my understanding is that if I purchased it in another state while a resident there, I can bring it when I move. Is this correct? I also know that I will have to dig up some 10 round mags, and that this is difficult, so would be interested in hearing from any XDM shooters in the state who've figured this all out. I've got other pistols I like but would hate to sell the XDM. Thanks.
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Its going to be tough to find a 10 round magazine since SA does not make a 10 round magazine for the XDM. You will have to pin them to 10.
Maybe your question can be found here:

Gun Laws
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