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Im trying to find out a XDm 5.25 9mm model. part # is XDM95259SHCLE. on Buds website it states
"item is for Qualified Professionals only"

Who qualifies for the Qualified Professional?

Many major manufacturers offer discounts to a large list of individuals they consider Qualified Professionals. Although commonly referred to as Law Enforcement or LE discounts, these discounts are actually also available to many other types of Qualified Professionals, including.....

Active or Retired Military personnel - all branchesHonorably Discharged Military Personnel and Veterans - all branchesNational Guard personnel - all branchesMilitary Reserve personnel - all branchesCAP - Civil Air PatrolFire Fighters - including volunteersParamedics and EMTs
TSA EmployeesCommercial PilotsFederal Flight Deck Officers

Court JudgesDistrict and Deputy District Attorneys
All sworn or retired Law Enforcement Officers - city, county, state, and federalState Licensed Security Companies

Springfield XDm 9mm 5.25 BiTone
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