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XDM 5.25 45 ACP competition model for NRA Bullseye Comp.

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Anyone use their XDM 5.25 45 ACP competition model for NRA Bullseye Comp. If so what our your thoughts using this compared to a 1911.
Just doing this for fun no intentions of being a Master or Camp Perry. Also what would be a accurate, mild target load. Have pounds of WW231 powder.

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You didn’t mention bullets but a friend of mine used to shoot a 200g SWC with 4.5-4.8g of 231. With them depending on the style you may have to play with oal to get 100% feeding. Actually the XD platform feeds better than many 1911’s or I should say it’s not as particular about what it eats. That said, I found on my XDME 3.8 that the 200g Extreme plated SWC needs to be at 1.240 to feed consistently. If it fits your hand and you shoot it well there’s no reason you can’t be competitive with it.
Be sure to do a plunk test with your reloads. I've found the three XD 45's in the family are sensitive to longer overall lengths vs. the 1911 pistols. Some of the ammo loaded for the Series 70 (that works fine in my Series 80) will not chamber in any of the XD .45's (one compact and two 5" Tactical models).

One of several videos on you tube about plunk testing.

Plunk test demo - YouTube
Thanks Guys !!
I use Bayou 200 gr Coated SWC. also test OAL with a L.E. Wilson Max Case Gage & use a Redding Taper Crimp Die.
I initially was having all kinds of feeding problems with SWC bullets until a few forum members enlightened me on proper 45 ACP reloading procedures.
A wealth of info on this Forum !!!!!! Oh Yea also do the Plunk Test !!
Be careful with the Redding die to not over crimp. Use just enough to remove the flair and maybe .0005-.001 more on the very edge of the case mouth. With .452 lead and even plated it can size the bullet down in the case and then accuracy goes to pot. It’s a great die once you’re aware of this. The Lee FCD will do the same thing on certain loads. Don’t have as much trouble with 45, but 9mm can drive ya nuts.
Thanks !! will watch out for that
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