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Made it out to the Arms Room last night to sight in my new Ruger SR-556E AR-15.

When I was ready to shoot the rifle lanes were full so they gave me a beeper and said to shoot on the pistol side and move when it went off. No problem there, I brought the XDM 45 and 200 rounds of Tula. Drill for the night was LONG RANGE, well as long as you can shoot at an indoor range. I used a zombie target since it's Halloween weekend and all.

A zombie emerges from the bullet trap!

It's a zombie so anything other than head shots is wasting ammo. Let's do this.

After shooting most of my ammo out at full range I reeled the target back in to 21 feet where it seemed far easier than ever before. Try a long range drill next time you're at the range and see what you think.

Beeper just went off, time to shoot the new AR.
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