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Third time out with the XDM-45 and the theme of the day was getting back on target and firing follow-up shots.

Warm up - 7 yard range

Couple of flyers, I'm guessing due to anticipating the shot.

Speeding things up - 7 yard range

I'm pleased with this. The targets were small, red bullseye being about the size of a thumb print. I was firing follow-ups as quickly as I could get back on target.

View of the 7 yard range

See what I mean about the small targets looking small? Carter's makes you buy their targets. The small ones are a value because you get 2 per sheet.

20 yard range

Same drill, this time at 20 yards. Fatigue was becoming a factor as I was no longer able to shoot 13 rounds at a time without having to work at it. I'll need to practice more at 20 yards, I can do better.

Notes on Ammo and malfunctions
After a couple hundred rounds of WWB, I busted out a bag of 100 Reloads from a local company. Near the end of the bag I had four failures to go into battery. By the second one I noticed the striker indicator was not showing in my peripheral vision. I would tilt up to verify, and give the rear of the slide a smack. It says not to do this in the instruction manual, but what would you do in a gun fight? I'd want to get the gun back online as quickly as possible so that is how I'm going to train.

I've got another 100 rounds of the filthy reloads. Planning on shooting it up at the next range visit. I'll rebuild my stockpile with Wally-World ammo and possibly a can or two of spammunition.

Shot my Kel-Tec PF-9 during this range visit, filed a separate range report.
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