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Just got my new XDM .40c. Looks nice, feels good. I am generally a S&W guy but my M&P 40c. was just too short in the grip even with the pinky add on. Nothing in the works like the XDM ex mag so here I am. No regrets yet.

Went to the range yesterday after the usual "reading the manual stupid" first and then a good scrubbing and lubricating. It comes of course with two mags. One std and one ext. I cycled each mag twice fully loaded. Once with Magtech FMC and one cycle of Winchester +P HP's.

I shot at 15 yds using three bull overlay on a 12x18 silhouette. I fired 3rd slow and then rapid both kinds of ammo. No FTF or FTE. No problems of any kind. I ran the HP's thru pretty fast trying to see if I could get it to jam. Never happened.

Accuracy was well within my normal firing habits. I would say a bit better than what I have exp with my M&P. Overall a good purchase. It seems to carry well just stuck in the belt or with the provided paddle. I'm pretty happy.

Now the downside. I need pinky extensions for the smaller mag. I did find them on Pearce Grip website but I had to hunt. They do make them. I have 4 ordered to go with the prom mags I will receive in 6-8 weeks.

I had an issue with the mag release. It was pretty hard to eject the mags. After I returned home and did a closer inspection I found it was only the smaller mag that was binding. I found the mag spring was in the opening of the magazine and I just removed it, pinched it a bit and then it was OK.

This is a pretty good piece. I really like it and it may well become my primary everyday carry, at least during cooler weather.
Overall I give it a 9.5 especally with the promo for the extra mags.
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