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First range shoot Thursday w/#3 backstrap, 150 rds
I came home with a mild sensation on heal of my hand. I have a large hand, mostly fingers, so I figured I need more on the front to take up. So one of the range masters had a xdm40 w/a Houge grip and #2 strap...I tried that and I liked it. I shot 17 rds at 21' lost one low right out of the four inch center, the rest were inside and tight. This was near the end. The rest I used getting used to the weapon and trying different holds and stance. I never had any FTF or Jams. I will get a trigger job, but I did get to rapid fire and I do not see the problem; I rapid fire double action revolvers and to me it is similar.

Second Range shoot today after I took my friend to get him a XDm 40 (Black) $569.00 + Tx. I also picked up a large Houge grip and applied it dry...tough(no need to trim). I changed backstrap to #2. Shot:150rds. 40 cal, 50 or so 9mm (P-11), 18 38 spl.+p. All shots at 21 feet.
Put up a silouett (spelling?) of armed man. I was getting tighter then previous with the #2 back strap and the Houge; it felt alot better and no sensation in my hand. I aimed between his eyes in FBI stance and no more uni-brow. I put up a "site in" target and put 5 in a 1" square from sandbag rest sitting; a little more in FBI stance 5 in a 1.75". I do not plan on shooting for bulls eye anymore with this weapon--just center mass the size of a mans torso like I was taught growing up.
I believe it to be on, so I only need to make sure one does not stray in defense of life. My friend took some time getting use to the weapon, but hit center mass most all of the 100 rds he shot. It was a great day; introduced a good friend to the XDm, shot, and fellowshipped with good people.:mrgreen:
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