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Hi folks, I'm looking at an XDM 3.8 for my EDC, coming from a Cajunized CZ P-01. I have a whole writeup where I compare the XDM to about 15 other pistols I got my hands on here: Help me choose a new CCW pistol! **UPDATE** • r/CCW It is a long read but will get you fully up to speed. TL;DR is that the XDM 3.8 with the extended mag out shot everything I tried including a tricked out G19 and my own much used Cajun CZ P-01 much to my surprise! This was both in terms of split speed and accuracy, and it was my first time on the XD pistols. That is everything except a broken in Kimber Ultra CDP and a new Colt LW Commander. So as the title says, I'm looking to purchase an XDM 3.8 or Commander sized 1911 soon, mount an RMR and light, and be off to the races.

To that end, I have some questions about the XDM 3.8in specifically. I've read a lot here already including TSiWRX's awesome 70k+ rounds of CCW testing (and the m4carbine thread) and JayhawkNavy02's amazing bulls eye shooting threads. I'm looking at one in .40 so I can get a 9mm and .357 Sig conversion barrels from EFK or Barsto. I would also send it to Powder River Precision to get it tuned up and cut for an RMR.

My first few questions are on the PRP work order form itself found here: PRP~ XD & XDM Perfection!

1.) What is the advantage to the PRP 7.5 Degree sear?

2.) Do the titanium striker safety and indicator really do anything? They claim increased lock time but I'm not sure.

3.) Is the extended grip safety at all uncomfortable?

4.) Is the stainless striker retainer pin worth it off the bat, or should I just replace it when and if the stock one breaks? I do about 2000 rounds a year, so nothing crazy.

5.) Beyond what I've mentioned, what kind of work would you have them or any smith do to make your ideal XDM for CCW? Anything to increase reliability, accuracy, and speed would be great.

Then I have a few questions about aftermarket barrels:

6.) Is possible to get a threaded .357 SIG barrel? I cannot seem to find one.

7.) Is there a significant difference between ported barrels (that extend beyond the slide) and getting a threaded barrel and attaching a comp (aka making an XDM "Roland Special" as it were)?

8.) Are there any extraction issues using the 9mm barrels on the .40cal XDM?

And finally I have two general questions:

9.) If I do get an XDM 3.8 and modify it as discussed above (threaded barrel+Surefire XC-1+RMR) where could I find a decent holster for that setup?

10.) Has anyone done something similar to the modifications discussed above? What as the result?

If anyone is curious what 1911s it is in competition with, there is a thread going on that here: https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=861625

Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks again for your collective wisdom!
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