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XDM 3.8 holsters

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Just checked Crossbreed website and they make a IWB for the SA XDM 3.8 comes to $102 for Supertuck, horsehide backing, combat cut and J Hooks. I have this same set up for my Glock 23 and there is close to zero printing with a T-Shirt.
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That is a high price to pay for an IWB hybrid holster. Check out some other manufacturers before you spend that kind of money. I have an Alien Gear holster that I bought for $29 and you can get J hooks for about $17 or less on ebay. Firearm Holsters priced at $49 without J hooks is another highly recommended holster on this forum and is actually made by a member on here. His screen name is Gavin. White Hat holsters also have the same options as Crossbreed at a much lower price.

One big advantage of the White hat and Alien Gear holsters is that both of them can be adjusted for retention or the shells can even be changed out without having to buy a new holster. Just some of my opinions but if you like the Crossbreed and are willing to pay that price for it go for it.
Give N82 holsters a look. Have one for my 3.8 (acquired last November). Damn comfy and conceals like a champ.

And welcome from SE Ohio :)
I can 2nd the White Hat Holster. Love mine with the Custom Logo.

The MaxTuk is larger in Size than most and really makes the weight disappear.

Their MicroTuk is about the same size as everyone else.
If you are looking for a leather holster with out a long wait time give us a look as we make some very comfortable holsters,and many models..
... Firearm Holsters priced at $49 without J hooks is another highly recommended holster on this forum and is actually made by a member on here. His screen name is Gavin...
I have two of Gavin's IWB holsters -- one for the XDs and one for the XDm Compact. Fantastic holsters!

/just my 2 cents
I have two of Gavin's IWB holsters -- one for the XDs and one for the XDm Compact. Fantastic holsters!

/just my 2 cents
This X2
I have owned holsters from Gavin for each of my XDm and XDs pistols and have never been disappointed with his products or service. Can't speak highly enough about him or his products.
I had an iwb holster from ozarks holster company for my xd9 and it was wonderful. No extra charge for horse hide (comes standard) combat cut. Very high quality and under $50 shipped. Forget the owners name but he is a member on a few of the forums. I highly recommend them. http://www.ozarksholstercompany.com/

I just got the email that my iwb holster for my shield got shipped out from gavin at firearmholsters.com . I can't wait to see if they are as good as everyone says. If they are as nice as they look I know I'm gonna like it.

Imo the crossbreed holsters are overpriced. I'm sure they are grate but I don't see what makes them worth the asking price.
Hi, I'm new to the XD-M's entirely, but I'd like to say this for Crossbreed:

most comfortable IWB holster I've ever used for any gun, and I'm using it for a 4.5" .45acp XD-M. Also, I'd recommend against the combat cut, for the initial order. It sounds nice, but I find I absolutely don't need it for a 4-5 o'clock carry, and they will cut it later if you decide you have to have it afterwards (you do have to ship it back). However, since Horsehide is not stiched or stained, you or any competent leatherworker can cut it yourself afterwards. I may alter mine some.

However, the XD-M's have an aggressive texture for the handle, which WILL cause severe rubbing if you get that combat grip. I'd try it without first; mine works just fine without. And as I said, it's not hard to alter yourself (in the horsehide) since there are no stiches. Cowhide may also be easy, but I can't confirm, as I only ordered horsehide.

So, do you NEED a crossbreed? I'd say no, unless you are carrying an oversized for CCW, or are a very big person (I am). But they are comfortable enough that wearing mine every day to break it in, I don't notice it at all.

Crossbread owner for 5 days.
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+1 for the Supertuck. I carry my XDm 4.5 9mm in one and even my wife has to ask me if I have it on me. Very comfortable at 4 o'clock and sitting, driving, or any daily activity.
I have an Alien Gear for my 3.8 45. It's good for the money. It takes a little to get comfortable on my belt, but a well built holster for 35 bucks.

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I use a really cheap, Uncle Mike's IWB for my XDM 3.8 9mm compact. Is it a good holster? Not sure........but it gets the job done.
I have two holsters for my 3.8 compact. Gavin's product and a Remora. Both are fantastic. I find myself using the Remora more often. Easy on and off, less bulk and also easier to move to a different position and cant. The Remora also will work with multiple guns. My G27 and my XDS use the same holster. Another bonus (to me) of the Remora is that it will be more kind to the finish of the gun than kydex. I'd give the comfort nod to Gavin's if I'm going to be carrying all day long. I think it distributes the weight of my portly XDm a little better.
I love my Tommy Theis holster for my 3.8 .45
Carry my XDM 3.8 9mm compact in a crossbreed super tuck with combat cut (I actually cut even more out for better grip when drawing the gun). I wear at 4-5 o'clock. It took about 1 month of trying different cant and positioning to find the best spot but now the holster is formed to body and I seriously can't feel It most of the time. When I 1st starting wearing it I thought the people saying "I can't really feel it" were over exaggerating but it's true!!

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I carry my XDsc in an Alien Gear IWB and a Raven Concealment Phantom OWB. Although I am switching my Alien Gear to carry my XDs IWB and only carry my XDsc when I can conceal it OWB. I have such a small waist the XDsc is almost to much IWB even with a good belt and holster combo.
If all else fails with the others, check out SHTFGear. They make IWBs for all of the XDMs, including the 5.25. I will have a review up in a few weeks.
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