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First let me say that I am by no means an expert shooter.
But I was impressed with my XDm 3.8c 9mm at the range last week.
Even thou its a compact it shoots like a full sized duty weapon.

I had my best range day ever with this gun. My groupings where in the 4-5" range at 21' and 10-12" range at 45-50'. Not bad for novice shooter. At least I'm happy with that at this point. Still have much to learn.

I had been having a low and left problem with my Beretta 90-Two. And I still do. But with the XDm I'm on target or just a hair high most of the time.

Not sure why I am low and left with the Beretta and not with the XDm thou?:confused:

Both are 9mm.

Needles to say I had a great time. :D
I cant wait to get back out there again.

Looks like I picked the right gun for EDC.
And today my Crimson Trace LG-448 came in. Cant wait to try that out as well!

Now I just need a good holster that will work with this laser, and the time to take a CPL class.
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