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XD9SC work with Service Magazine with no sleeve?

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I have the SC that has the 15 round mag with extension sleeve. Does anyone know if it will work without the sleeve (standard 15 round mag from the service model) or do I run the risk of messing up the lips or something in the gun by bottoming it out?

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it should work fine, just dont slam it up in there.
The magazine can contact the ejector from below and break it if it is inserted forcefully or too far.
Thanks, i like the idea of carrying the 15 rounder as a spare, but with the sleeve its a little bulky.
you shouldn't need to adjust the lip, but try it first then make adjustments. the mags are interchangeable from service to sub, but not the other way around because of the length.
I do it without the sleeve and I have slammed the 15 rounder into my subcompact many many times at the range and never had any problems whatsoever.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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