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XD9SC IS HERE! Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

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Finally got my XD9SC today from Renaissance Firearms LLC in NH. $475.00 shipped NIB with the Heinies. I have already purchased 1000 rounds of CCI Blazer at Academy, and my Pistol-Gear.com order should be in tomorrow. Had to get the grip extensions and the Blue Wonder Armadillo as all my other weapons habe pits from spot rust. I'll be danged if thats happening to the XD. Anyway, the wife and I plan to go to the range this Friday and put 500 rounds through it. Thanks to everybody on this site for all the info/help. :D
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have fun, and congrats! :mrgreen:
this is a great pistol. You'll be happy with your choice. I play with mine all the time.
Congrats! Let us know how your first session at the range goes.
This thread is useless without pics.................... J/K bring on the pics though.

Got my order in from pistol-gear.com and just installed the Pearce grip extension! Man oh man does that make a difference! With my big hands, they make my little subby feel like part of my hand! I can't wait, can't wait.
one-eyed-fatman said:
You'll enjoy the hell out of your sub. :wink:
I love mine too!
You're spot-on about the Pearce extensions....they make all the difference.

You're going to love that SC with the Heinies....I can't put mine down at the range...it just keeps wanting more ammo... better take the whole 1000 with you... :D You have the same set up as me except I paid a little more.
Have fun!!!!

Rikoshey :twisted:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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