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XD9 Service questions

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Just recently finished my second trip to the range with my XD9. It's currently fitted with a Dave's GR and a 18# spring. I've fed about 340+ rounds through it so far without a FTF or FTE (all factory 147gr JHPs of various manufacture), so I'm very happy with it.

On my first trip, I had a 20# spring with a SF P112D weaponlight mounted underneath. On my last trip, I switched to an 18# spring and removed the P112D. I noticed with the XD9 shooting in almost stock configuration, I'm shooting low at 7 yards. According to the correction chart picture, I'm either drooping my head or breaking wrist down. What can I do to correct this? Should I go back to a 20# spring?
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One way to tell if you're "flinching" your wrist is to get a dummy round/snap cap, and have a friend load it in the middle of a mag full of live ammo. Since you don't know where it is, you'll feel yourself flinch when you hit the dummy. To correct it (if this is what your doing), just sit at home and dry fire with a quarter on top of the slide. When your trigger pull is smooth enough that the quarter doesn't move, start live firing the same way.
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