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XD9 service or tactical?

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I'm deciding between the 4"service model and the 5"tactical in the XD9. I don't plan to use the XD for CCW. I am planning mostly range and IDPA. This will probably be my only handgun for a while and will be my first. Any recommendations from those who have used both would be appreciated. :)
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well I've rented both the service 9mm and 40S&W. I decided to get the 40S&W tactical. So my vote would be tactical. However I don't know anything about IDPA classing so someone who knows will have to chime in on that stuff.
I have the XD-9 service and like it alot. I would get one in the tactical mosel whenever they make it available i with the stainless slide.
I have both and shoot both in IDPA. I think both are good option, being that most IDPA courses are 20 yards and closer. In the end, whatever you decide, the decision will be the right one.

One recommendation, get the trigger done, as it will make a world of difference!

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I prefer the Tactical model for IDPA / USPSA competition. I find the slightly longer sight radius and muzzle weight more to my liking.
I own a XD-9 Service and a XD-9 tactical. The service is more versatile as you can use it for both carry and competition as it is easier to conceal. I use my tactical primarily for competition only. I have used my service for both. I am a bit faster with my service, but that could be due to my having it longer and developing greater skill due practice. Either way you can't lose on these guns.
Recently went thru the decision process for myself and two friends- we all ended up with the XD-9 Service (mine's bitone, the other two are regular). The Tactical is nice, but is muzzle heavy, where the Service just feels more well-balanced. BTW the first two have about 900 rounds combined (Fed., Win, Magtech) with no malfunctions; and I suspect the same will be true for the third which my friend and I plan on breaking in Monday. If I get another XD (which I probably will), I'll probably get the Tactical for variety; but should it be another 9, or .40, or wait, how about .45? :D
For a competition gun I guess I'd say the Tactical.
I agree that the Tactical is a bit muzzle heavy. I am still getting used to it and shoot it a couple of times per week. By the end of the season, I should be 100% with it.
i've been a big fan of longer guns for competition for a while. for me, i control recoil better with longer slides. ie fullsize vs. compact USP, glock 17 vs. 19, etc.

but i DO agree, wholeheartedly, that regardless of your decision...and XD is an EXCELLENT selection.

Old School said:
One recommendation, get the trigger done, as it will make a world of difference!

Old School

Where? The reset on my XD40 is really long! :x
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