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XD9 FTE, potential WWB link

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Howdy y'all.

Got my XD about a month ago and have taken it shooting weekly. For my first outing, I put 500 rounds of Rem UMC through it without issue. Cleaned, lubed, and went back a week later with 250 rounds of WWB and got a handful of FTEs. Suspected my cleaning job (this is my first gun), so I gussied it up with much vigor, and took it back a week later with 300 rounds of WWB --- got a slightly larger handful of FTEs. My shooting partner suggested it might be a bad mag, so we marked 'em, gave the XD the ol' once over, and went back to the range a week later (today) with 200 rounds of WWB --- got even more FTEs, spread across two mags, with one mag having 3 FTEs during the course of fire.

Yeah, damn.

Anyway, we're going back tomorrow with both some UMC and WWB in hand for testing. Details as they develop...
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UberDuper said:
Had lots of FTEs in the first ~500 rounds. Zero since.

Have you let a friend run a couple hundred rounds through it to see if they get the same FTEs?

It's safe to say you're well out of the break in period, so if there's still an issue with that wide range of ammo, send it in and get it fixed. Not a big deal.

There's good reason why people spend lots of ammo making sure the gun feeds and ejects properly. It's a common issue with all pistols and if you're unlucky enough to have one that fails, send it in for repair like everyone else does with every other brand of gun that has this problem. If this seems unreasonable, maybe revolvers are a better choice for you.

Yes, he's let me shoot it, extensivly. About half of all the failures occured when I was shooting it. We both know how to shoot, shoot the gun very flat, no limp wristing or anything like that.

It also happened evenly with WWB and Remington UMC, it did not occur with the 20 odd rounds of Federal 147gr hollowpoints put through it. I'm sure it would have it was just a matter of having enough ammo to test it. If you want to find out for sure feel free to send me or ninjadroid 500 rd's of hydrashock and will run it through it's paces. :p

Having failures like this is not a common issue with all pistols I'll love to see what your sample set is for making a statment like that. Sig's, HK's, GLOCK's should all outpreform this.

I'm at 1300 rd's in my G19 in under 3 weeks of owning it, with ammo being purchased from the same lot as the ammo he has shot. (at least for the last 3 weeks) I've expericed only 1 failure it was a bad primer, centered proper depth hit, refiring it produced the same result.

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UberDuper said:
So you'd be fine taking a brand new never fired glock out of the case, putting some hydroshocks in it and carrying that as your duty or ccw without ever running it through it's paces?

If not, why? I think I know the answer.

Right now I'd certainly feel more comfortable doing that with a G19 than with an XD... _BUT_

Where the **** did that come from. Put down the ****ing pipe and read the thread again. This isn't about either us carring the gun or trusting it's use defensivly, it's about this gun not working.

For crying out loud we have MTBF of 100rd's with this thing. That's ****ing pathetic. The old beat USGI 1911's where getting 450 when the amry retired them

UberDuper said:
You have a gun with a fairly common problem among gun problems.

Fairly common for what guns? All the guns I mentioned don't have a common problem failing to extract.

It's not a _common_ problem by a long shot for any autoloader. Maybe on some platforms, but I guess thats a sign of a problem with the platform not a sign of it being a common problem with all automatics?

What other platforms do you own and have experience with?

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