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hobocircus said:
Too much use of CLP :x

Put some CLP on your fingers then try to pick up a ball bearing. :x Basically sounds like this is what your XD is trying to do.

I suggest you get a good toothbrush and some canned GunScrubber and blast that stuff out of the extractor. Lube only the surfaces that need lube, such as the slide rails and maybe the lightest touch possible on the outside of the barrel. Don't spray the stuff on, use a Q-tip and lightly coat it. Use lube sparingly, it isn't a magic cure all.

The pistol is working better the more you fire it, because the more you shoot it, the more the lube is being thrown off areas where it isn't needed. The extractor does move, but its such a tiny movement. Oil is the last thing it needs.

Your XD can do much better than that.

Good luck, shoot safely.
I don't like to argue, especially with people that know more about a subject than myself, but I lube the hell outta my gun, everywhere, with breakfree. I mean everywhere! The damn thing spits at me when I first start to shoot it cuz I lube it so much, lol! I've got 3400 rounds through it, all but 50 or so of which are WWB, and I've had 6 different people shoot it, and I've never had 1 failure of any kind.
Ninjadroid, I think you just got a lemon that needs some fixin' up, but I totally agree, if this is your only gun as you said, sell it for something that you feel comfortable with and can trust, else you're likely to end up leaving it at home when you really need it. I liked mine so much I bought a second, and they're both flawless in every aspect. I dunno, maybe I was just lucky :D I hope you end up getting that tactical later and don't have any probs with it. Good luck!
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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