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XD9 FTE, potential WWB link

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Howdy y'all.

Got my XD about a month ago and have taken it shooting weekly. For my first outing, I put 500 rounds of Rem UMC through it without issue. Cleaned, lubed, and went back a week later with 250 rounds of WWB and got a handful of FTEs. Suspected my cleaning job (this is my first gun), so I gussied it up with much vigor, and took it back a week later with 300 rounds of WWB --- got a slightly larger handful of FTEs. My shooting partner suggested it might be a bad mag, so we marked 'em, gave the XD the ol' once over, and went back to the range a week later (today) with 200 rounds of WWB --- got even more FTEs, spread across two mags, with one mag having 3 FTEs during the course of fire.

Yeah, damn.

Anyway, we're going back tomorrow with both some UMC and WWB in hand for testing. Details as they develop...
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Haven't gone shooting yet, but I took a closer look at the extractor this morning, and noticed that the inside of the bend appeared to be curved. Which, obviously, can't be right. I found a toothpick and poked around in there, and discovered it to be just *packed* with gunk. Hopefully, that's all that's at play here, but we shall see.
Todays performance was better, but not good enough. 15 rounds of WWB went fine, and all but one round in the last mag of 250 rounds of UMC were without issue. Still, 1 in 265 is not acceptable.

I gave the gun as thorough a field-strip cleaning as I can tonight. Tomorrow, there will be another trip to the range. Planning on 250 more rounds of UMC, 300 rounds of WWB, and 50-100 rounds of TBD "Good Stuff."

I haven't been testing the weapon scientifically, which is to say that I can't yet confidently say what is causing the failure. My gut tells me that the extractor is weak, that dirtiness makes it even weaker, and that the extractor doesn't "like" WWB for some indeterminate reason.

Tomorrow will be a "blank slate." The gun is damn clean. We will interweave mags of UMC and WWB to normalize any effects the accretion of filth might have. The "Good Stuff" should be a test for the combat readiness of the gun --- you wouldn't bet your life on cheap ammo, so if the guns FTE problems turn out to be real, but limited to cheap ammo, then it is still a worthy choice for combat. At least, that's how the theory goes.

At this point, I rate the likelihood that the gun will go out to Springfield to be near-certainty. The possibility that it is operator error is now vanishingly small, and any FTEs tomorrow will confirm this. And even if the giving the extractor extra squeaky-clean TLC eliminates my woes, the gun will probably still get shipped out for repair; I don't think it unreasonable to expect my weapon to handle 1K rounds before cleaning is required.

Stay tuned, kids --- same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.
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Well, the results are in. My extractor needs repair. Out of 570 rounds fired, there were 8 FTEs --- 4 with WWB, and 4 with UMC. There was no discernable magazine-to-failure correlation. And off to SA it goes.

Guys, these FTEs might be my fault. I noticed that as the gun got dirtier, it failed less. It occurred to me, then, that putting CLP on the extractor might be a bad thing. I'll have to test this some more, but in the mean time, if you're having FTEs, make sure you haven't been making the extractor slippery. Both the Glock and HK cleaning guides state that the extractor should never ever be lubed --- that's the surest way to make your gun fail. Advice that's probably worth taking to heart.
Well, I'm now 850 rounds and only 1 failure, which was a failure to eject due to a weak round (my friend experienced a failure from the same batch of ammo). The lesson, I believe, is to not lube up your extractor. However, some people here use CLP for everything and don't have any issues. I think that some of these extractors are close to being out of spec, and lubing them just pushes them over the edge.

I'd like to replace my extractor for piece of mind, but is there anywhere I can buy the part these days? xd-hs2000.com ain't sellin' it no mo'.
Never mind, I had 3 failures in 200 rounds today. This gun has issues. Guess I'll just buy a replacement extractor... oh, wait, I can't.

Who wants an XD?
Did you read the bit where I said that I think lubing the extractor is a bad idea? I stopped doing that 800+ round ago, and gun scrubbed the thing to boot. Just a little tetra gun on the slide rails and breech face --- that's it. The failure rate I'm experiencing is still unacceptable.

Either the extractor needs to be replaced/retensioned, or the chamber needs to be reamed. I don't know if this is really such a horrible thing, but it's a known problem that dates all the way back to the first gen HS --- and it hasn't been fixed. Same for the rusting problem, which affects about 30% of users --- which is apparently caused by using CLP. And now I can't buy replacement parts.

That is just some weak-sauce amateur-hour stuff right there.

It's not so much that my XD is failing which makes me want to move on. It's that a disturbingly large number of people are reporting defects, and Springfield is starting to behave like a disturbingly large dick to its customers.
UberDuper said:
So you'd be fine taking a brand new never fired glock out of the case, putting some hydroshocks in it and carrying that as your duty or ccw without ever running it through it's paces?

If not, why? I think I know the answer.

What the **** does this asinine **** have to do with anything? Did I take a brand new XD, put hydrashocks in it, and carry it? Did crofrog take a brand new glock, put hydrashocks in it, and carry it? Is that what this thread is even about?

I'll answer for you:

No, no, and no.

This thread is about my gun failing to extract, regardless of magazine or ammo, and in spite of immaculate maintenence. I don't know what you hope to accomplish, but considering the staggering irrelevance of your comments, I'd consider it apropos for you to shut the **** up and sit the **** down.
Currently, I think it's sold. I actually got an overwhelming response, and I'm working through it on a first-come-first-serve basis. If the current buyer doesn't come through, then you can be next in line if you want.
UberDuper said:
Don't cloud the issue with your immature tirades. You have a gun with a fairly common problem among gun problems. Do what you have to to get it fixed and be done with it. I wasn't trying to push either of you into a temper tantrum. Just trying to get the point across so you'll enjoy the gun and stop complaining about it here.
How's this for an immature tirade: you started it. That question about carrying an untested glock was the quintessential antithesis of germane, and if you weren't trying to make crofrog look stupid attempting to answer it, you were stupid for thinking it added anything to the conversation. Please stop polluting this thread.

As for being a common problem, well, if you lower your standards enough, yeah, it is. The idea is that good weapons don't have this problem, and good weapons manufacturers come damn close to only making good weapons. The lemon rate of the XD is such that I won't depend on it with my life.

I do enjoy this gun, and down the road, I'd like to reacquire a tactical --- it's just that much fun to shoot. But at the moment, I don't want to dick around with getting my only gun to work reliably enough that I'd bet my life on it.

When I have a gun that I know I can count on, then I can play around with less reliable weaponry. And as it stands now, my mind puts the XD in the latter category.
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Just to be clear, I don't have a problem with the XD, just with springfield. Tighter QC is called for.
Yeah. My chamber's too loose. That's it.
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