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ninjadroid said:
Howdy y'all.

Got my XD about a month ago and have taken it shooting weekly. For my first outing, I put 500 rounds of Rem UMC through it without issue. Cleaned, lubed, and went back a week later with 250 rounds of WWB and got a handful of FTEs. Suspected my cleaning job (this is my first gun), so I gussied it up with much vigor, and took it back a week later with 300 rounds of WWB --- got a slightly larger handful of FTEs. My shooting partner suggested it might be a bad mag, so we marked 'em, gave the XD the ol' once over, and went back to the range a week later (today) with 200 rounds of WWB --- got even more FTEs, spread across two mags, with one mag having 3 FTEs during the course of fire.
Yeah, damn.
Anyway, we're going back tomorrow with both some UMC and WWB in hand for testing. Details as they develop...
Document every detail!

I had failure to fire and failure to feed problems on my new XD40. The first question Springfield will ask you when you call them is "what brand of ammunition did you use?" So document each failure with the appropriate brand of ammo. And try every brand of ammo you can get.

When you end up sending it back to Springfield for repair you should include a detailed report of the failures. I wish I would have thought to take pictures of my XD failures at the time.

I sent my XD back, had if 'fixed' and it failed again, in a different manner, but it still failed again so I sent it back again. I'm still waiting for it.

Returning a firearm via UPS or FedEx is very expensive ~$60!! Springfield will usually reimburse you for the shipping or give you their shipping account number, either way you will be without your XD for at least two weeks.

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