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All I can say is my XD9 chokes and pukes (fte) 1-2 rounds out of every box of WWB. I was going to send it back but got some Blazer and went through 250 rounds in one session with zero problems. What really surprises me is it has the same problem on the Ranger rounds also. This is primo stuff with nickel cases and all. But put 124 gr. +p Gold Dots in and it chews em up and spits em out all day. I called SA and for once they didn't offer to pay for shipping. Said if it was the guns fault they would reimburse me. Guess it must be starting to cut into their bottom line to ship guns. For what it costs to ship it I can have my gunsmith look a it and probably fix it for less. I know some guns don't like some ammo. But most every gun I own (Sig , Glock, H&K, CZ, various 1911's, and so on) will all feed everything. I can live with Blazer and Gold Dots. I just really like the Rangers.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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