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A bit of background first: I'd had a SIG P229 .40 for a little over a year and a half as my carry piece. When I bought it, I had originally gone to the gun shop to purchase an XD40, but saw the SIG, talked to the salesman, and went with it instead. My brother-in-law had a P228, so I was somewhat familiar with the quality of SIGs. Anyway, flash forward about a year...I have never been a great shot with the old 229, and I was much better with my recently acquired SIG P228 (9mm, of course). The 229 felt a bit blocky and unbalanced in my hand, and as a carry piece, the 229 is not bad, but I dearly desired the 6 ounce decrease in weight that a polymer framed gun offered.

Time reference: one month ago I finally decided to trade in the P229, as I had ceased carrying it in favor of my P228, despite it being a wimpy 9mm. :roll: The numerous postings on this board and others about the XD40s FTF problems prompted me to spend the extra $$ on a Walther P99. 40. I took the Walther to the range, ran 400 rounds through it, and still couldn't hit $h!t. In fact, due to the weight decrease, the muzzle flip was horrendous. So now I still couldn't $h!t, and I didn't even enjoy the range time. At least with the P229, it was still fun to shoot. Hmmm, maybe I'm just not a .40 kind of guy. (I'll admit, I got caught up in the ".40 is a better self-defense caliber" mentality. But I'm a smarter man now and fully realize that shot placement is the true deciding factor in a SD situation.) So, I took the Walther back and lost $100 in the trade since I had shot it, but oh well.

Since I was smarter now, I started to peruse the 9mm selection. The Walther is a nice gun, but it didn't have that "feel" to me. I walked over to the XD section, and there she was: XD9 Service model in Bi-Tone. I reached up to wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth, and then asked to see her. The feeling was there. It was like an extension of my hand, perfectly balanced. Oh my...could this gun feel better than my beloved P228? It's still a toss-up in my mind.

Well, it took two weeks to find a time when I could break her in proper. Work, weather, and a slightly unreliable shooting partner all contributed to that excruciatingly long two weeks. But yesterday was it. My buddy was bringing his 8yo son, so I pulled my 7yo son out of his summer program and brought him along. He only complained about missing cake/ice cream until I told him we were going shooting. His mouth shut, curled into a grin, and his eyes grew wide. He's been shooting with me once, a year ago, and has been bugging me to go again.

Range report So we made it to the range in the mountains, finally, and set up our targets at about 12 yards. I had 250 rounds of WWB 115 gr, 100 rounds of Remington 115 gr HP, 50 rounds of WWB 147 gr HP, and 5 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124 gr HP to save for last. I was a bit disappointed, as I had my POA at a 6 o'clock position to the bullseye, and they were consistently hitting a good 2 inches high. But after about half my ammo was gone, the POI started to come down, and I was able to hit bullseye with what is now my new carry piece. The rest of the range time was devoted to plinking, double taps, and just plain fun. 405 rounds with a half-assed cleaning half way through...not a single hiccup. Nice! What a great weapon those Croations designed...I'm in love.
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