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Thanks, like I said, I haven't really kept up. I remember when the "M's" came out, but didn't know if Springfield completely discontinued the XD's or built them along with the M's. I had a FDE XD .40 years ago, and it shot pretty well. I traded and went in a different direction. When the M's came out, a friends uncle bought a XDM .45 tactical and let us try it. It supposedly had a match grade barrel, but after several of us determined we couldn't hit water if we fell out of the boat with it, my desire to own one went away. As I said, the price and condition of this one makes it hard to pass on. I'm rolling out the door shortly to play let's make a deal.
I don't know how your situation is, but I only have a few dealers, and I know them well enough to get deals on used guns, like, "If this gun won't group, bring it back and we'll let you trade it in on another, and give you 100% of your cost less the taxes." It's kind of like renting the gun for $15, but also being able to take it home and run it for a week.

Makes buying a used gun feel a lot better.
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