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I need to get rid of a couple pistols I picked up recently to make a down payment on a new car for my wife after our second car bit the dust.

I have a NIB XD40sc OD frame. Loaded the mag one time and then decided I liked the feel of my XD45 better. So now it just sits there mocking me. Asking $425 obo ftf. willing to ship if your FFL accepts from individuals ***keeping it***

Also have an excellent condition XD45 Service Dark earth frame for sale. Has around 300 rounds through it. got it in trade for a Tactical and then decided to get a compact, so this one is just sitting there as well. Comes with 1 10 rd mag. Asking $400 obo ftf. willing to ship if your FFL accepts from individuals ***sold***

I may also be willing to part with my XD45 compact if someone is interested and the price is right. Not sure what i would sell it for, but make an offer and I may accept. ***sold***

Not really looking for any trades. But a short list would be a
Mossberg 930 SPX
Glock 20/29, something in 10mm
Thanks for looking
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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