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So I've been doing a lot of bench shooting lately (sitting, sans rest, 25 yards).

It was cold and windy today, and I was the only one at the rifle & pistol range, so I went into the little shed where we have our bowling pin contests to try some more practical shooting - offhand at 21 feet.

Some things to keep in mind:
1. I'm right-handed.
2. this is the first time I've shot this Glock.
3. this is the first time I've shot ANY Glock .40.
4. I usually shoot from a bench, not standing.
5. this is all with cheap blazer ammo.

Warmed up with a few rounds from the Ruger MKIII, then moved on to the big boys...

Put a new houge 'handall' on the XD, so I wanted to see how that felt. Took my time, probably 1-3 seconds between 12 shots:

Then I tried some rapid fire (~2 shots per second) with the XD:

Then I tried out my new Glock 23. Same style 'slow' fire (1-3 seconds between shots) - ran a whole mag:

Then some rapid fire with the G23 (including an unintentional double-tap):

So, obviously, I favor the XD. However, the XD is larger, heavier, and has a sweet trigger job... I expected as much, so I tried some one-handed shooting (again, I'm right handed).

XD, right hand only:

G23, LEFT hand only:

finally, G23, right hand only, rapid w/double taps:

As far as XD vs. Glock goes, these two are completely different animals. The XD is more accurate (I'm sure the Springer trigger has a lot to do with that), but the Glock is more managable (probably just due to size & weight). Doubletaps and rapid firing also comes more naturally to me with the Glock.

Anyhoo, I guess I did all right. I think I've just gotten too used to putting 10 rounds in a 3" group at 25 yards from the bench that I was hoping this exercise would yield better results.

At least I know what I need to practice. :)

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Great range report, I'm not much of a G23 fan or Glock fan in general but more so the .40 caliber models. I could see myself with a G17 or G19 but not a G22 or G23.

Whenever I shoot my friends Glock 40's I get a raw trigger finger from the slap or something. My finger gets pretty sore almost to the point of a blister no matter what I do or finger position on the trigger. It comes down to what fit's you and you shoot best with.
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