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I went to the range today with my XD40 Tactical with both the factory barrel and a EFK Firedragon ported barrel. The EFK barrel's ports are in front of the slide - they extend an inch past the end of the slide, so it's not like a factory ported pistol.

I asked a question about ported barrels a while back, here:

Answers that I received that I did not see happen today:

1) "Much louder". I didn't notice ANY increase in noise level. Neither did the 3 people shooting with me, standing side by side with me.

2) "Muzzle flash will blind you in anything other than bright sunlight." Well, it was quite a overcast day today. Nasty little front came in this morning in San Antonio TX. Kind of a dull greyish sky. I shot it - no flash that I could notice. Let my friends shoot it as I watched - still no noticable flash. Watched some guy next to us shooting a hand-cannon of a revolver - now THAT thing had some hellatious muzzle flash! :lol:

3) "You have a likely chance of burning yourself if you are not holding at arms length". Never. Not once. No flying particles hit either I, nor my buddies. No burning particles felt. At all. If they were there, they were microscopic and never felt.

4) "You will have more cleanup of your barrel as the ports shave minute amounts of the bullet off, causing greater wear and tear and partical fragments." Didn't notice anything like that. I used both barrels today - factory non-ported and EFK ported. Cleaned them both when I got home. Took about the same amount of time.

5) "I do have to clean more soot off of the front sight and slide..." I did not. In fact, my XD40SC had more residue on the front sight and slide than my tactical did... and I shot the tactical twice as much.

What I did notice today:

With the factory barrel, my groups were "ok". I shot a respectable round. Nothing fantastic - but respectable. Then I put in the EFK barrel. Same ammo. Groups tightened up CONSIDERABLY. Much less muzzle jump. The gun just felt "better". I let my friends shoot it. They agreed. It's much more manageable, and it shoots much better groups.

I ran two boxes of Winchester White Box through it - 50 rounds of 165 grain FMJ, and 50 rounds of 180 grain JHP. Then I ran 100 rounds of Remington UMC Yellow Box 180 grain FJM through it. Then 20 rounds of Hornady TAP. Then a 50 round box of Blazer Brass 180 grain FMJ. Then a 100 rounds of Remington UMC Green/White Box 180 grain JHP.

The best groups of the day suprised me - the UMC Green/White box 180 grain JHP's that I got from WalMart shot VERY tight groups.

I did have one FTE today... and unfortuantely, it was one of the aforementioned UMC Green/White box JHP's. Racked it back and kept shooting. Everything worked fine other than that.

In the end, I have to say that I am most impressed by this new ported EFK Firedragon barrel. I am very glad that I purchased it, and I look forward to getting one for my SC also (when and if they become available).

All the best,
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