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XD40 Service FTF problems

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I took my new gun to the range today for the first time. :D

I shot about 175 rounds through it. Every mag of ammo I put through it (except for the last few) seemed to have at least 1 if not 2 FTF's :x I was using the Magtech FMJ's that the range had for sale.

I am starting to think that the problem was with me. I, being the dumbass that I am, didn't lube the gun up at all before I went to shoot it. I now realize that I should have done this to a brand new weapon. I was just too excited and impatient to ever think of that! :wink: Luckily, the range I shot at is also a gun shop. After the first 125 rounds I got pissed and went upstairs and got some gun oil. After applying some lube to the extraction port cover and outside of barrel, I went back to shoot off fifty more. It seemed to cycle way more smoothly after doing this, go figure...:roll: There were a few more FTF's, but the last couple of mags that I shot there were no problems.

When I got home, I took it apart and cleaned it with Hoppes nine and lubed it up pretty well (The gun was surprisingly dirty). Hopefully tomorrows trip to the range will go much better. Do you guys have any other ideas of why this would happen? Could there be something wrong with the mags? I'm pretty sure that it is because of my own negligence at this point. I just want to be sure there could be nothing else.

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You should be OK. If lubing helped at the range, then a full cleaning should help more. Also, a little limp-wristing can be part of the problem -- and that's easy to do as you tire. I'd try a couple of hundred more rounds and the problem will probably go away.

Also, you might track the problem to see if it is related to one of your mags versus the other. Also try some other ammo, like Winchester White Box or CCI Blazer.
Thanks for the reply!

The problem was what I suspected...the lube. I cleaned and lubed it well last night. Went to the range with a buddy today again, and shot 300 more rounds through her. It fired every shot flawlessly! :D

I guess I do learn something new every day, (clean and lube new guns before taking them to the range). I guess I was just a little too excited and it slipped my mind! lol

Now if I could only get my accuracy... :wink:
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