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XD40 for $399...should I jump on it?

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Gun Club has special on XD40 for $399, this weekend ONLY. What do you think? I like the looks and can check out the feel tomorrow, so is $399 a good deal?

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I would say so. I paid $445 before taxes for my OD.
It's a good deal. I think they are getting a bit harder to find for prices like that.

brad cook
i found one online for $360 NIB. but take in consideration shipping/transfer fees
Sounds good to me. I paid $399 last year, and now the cheapest I can find them for is $419.
no,tell me were it is so I can make sure it is a real xd :lol:
I paid about $390 for my tactical, but that was only because I had connections with someone who worked at that store. I'd jump on it at that price.
I just shopped prices in my region and they ranged between 399.95 and 525.00

The store that sells it for 399.95 sells the version with the XML Tac Light for 469.95. Guess which version Im getting? :wink:
proud american said:
no,tell me were it is so I can make sure it is a real xd :lol:
It's in Phoenix, AZ, you're more than welcome to join me, i'm going over in about 2 hours. Flight time from NH would put you there a little later, but i'll wait around. :lol:

Thanks everyone! I'm heading to the gun show, then over to the gun club to pick up an XD.


BTW, i'll do the official "newbie here" post later this evening! :wink:
its an OK price. around here theyve gone for 379.99 at gander at times.
Yep, one more gun is always, as Martha would say "its a good thing"!
Thats a good price but just remember that its after Christmas and everything is going to be on sale .... plus dont forget that tax time is right around the corner .. prices might be just as good or better in another month.
I jumped on it!!! Got a Green/Black, (2) 12 round clips and will send off for the free clip and holster. Can't wait to shoot this puppy!

Thanks all, more later!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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