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I am looking to improve on a good thing. I am planning on having some custom work done on my 5" .40. I want better sights, a better trigger and maybe the mag well opened up.

I know with similar styled pistols there are trigger rgroups available to simply install and the trigger is done. Is there such thing for the XD's yet??

Of course I would like to do whatever I can to save on cost. I have found someone not far away who can do all of this, but if it is simple, just as soon do what I can, let him do the hard stuff.

I can not get over the differences in triggers between my XD's. Most are OK, I think I have one that I would call great, and would never touch it, (My new GAP). but my .40 sub, well, sucks rocks. It has gotten better with wear, but could be even more.

ANy info will be appreciated!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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