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I reload, I trust my loads more than factory. With that said I agree 💯 never trust other people's reloads. Out of all my XD'S I have only had failures with 1 brand of ammo, it was Winchester steel cased.
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This crap I remember feeling the friction on the steel cases just loading them into my mags. It was dirty as well I'm sure they used the cheapest components they could possibly find. Then they slapped USA Forged on the box 😂.

Keep in mind **** Happens. Iv had ammo from Respectable Manufacturers fail. It's important to think about what type of failure you just had and what to do to resolve that failure. Most people's reaction is to rack the gun and chamber a new round. Big No No! If it's a Squibb load Boom!
1 - 7 of 31 Posts