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This is actually my wifes pistol, I got it new last year and it has maybe 700 rounds through it. You can see the small amount of barrel wear in the pic below. I recently acquired a Ruger LCR that she completely fell in love with so she wants nothing to do with the XD now. AND because I need extra funds for my broken car :( I need to sell it.
It is the Springfield Armory XD SubCompact chambered in .40 cal. It has the 3 inch barrel and the "compact" grip. It comes with 3 mags, two 9 round compact mags both with the flat baseplates and pierce grip extensions, and one 12 round full size mag with the XD gear grip extension. Also it comes with the "XD Gear" belt holster, mag carrier, and speed loader. I even have all the original paperwork and stuff that came with it.
$460 shipped (2 day) to your ffl
Even though I really need the cash I am looking for 2 specific pistols:
XDM 3.8 with the full size grip in .40 or .45
Or a full size M&P .45. I'd be wiling to trade plus cash for either

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