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XD problems its brand new

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I took my new 9mm to the range tonight and accuracy was great. i did have 13 FTF though. the new round hung up half way into the chamber. i only have 100 rounds through it. it this something that just shooting it and breaking it in will cure or should it go back?
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I've got lots of Fed 147s thru my 4" & 5". Never had a problem with them. Not sure how you were shooting, or your experience level with pistols, but with that many FTFs in one outing I would think you may be limp wristing. If you were benching and had the butt of the pistols resting on the bench its quite possible that your grip was loose while concentrating on trigger pull and sight alignment.
Another possibility is your grip. Your weak hand thumb may be riding high and be contacting the slide slightly, but enough to slow down the action of the slide. I ride the slide on my 1911s like a bum on a freight train.
Just some thoughts.
Might go with Eric on trying a different ammo. Run some WWB ball through it and if it feeds ok, shoot a couple hundred and get it broke in then try the Fed again.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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