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Hello all,
I just had the damndest thing happen to me, and thought in my embarassment I would share it.
My routine at the end of the day is to oil the outside of my pistol, I CCW so it is exposed to moisture and what not throughout the day. My usual routine is to drop the magazine, then wrapping my off hand around the top of the slide above the ejection port pull back the slide and turn the pistol about ninty degrees clockwise then use the thumb on my dominant hand which is holding the grip of the pistol to lock the slide back. This ejects the chambered round into my hand above the slide, and locks back the slide for final visual inspection before I release the slide and dry fire to commence oiling my pistol. Tonight it seems I didn't get the slide fully locked to the rear which cause a round to get stuck between the breach of the barrel and the slide. Not realizing what happened, I tried to pull out the offending round. When I did so, it caused the slide to slam forward onto the tip of my thumb which was still inside the chamber. For the record, that STINGS!
So here I am with my pistol now hanging off my thumb, and in considerable discomfort. Having only one hand free, and needing two hands in my experience to rack the slide on my pistol, what to do? Luckily, my little brother was still up, so I hollered at him to come into my room. His reply was a non-chalant, "In a minute" or something similar. I kindly replied with, "NOW!".
So we were able to remove the offending pistol from my hand, and free me to turn a shade of crimson I imagine is not often seen coming from the human face, and also to write this tongue in cheek post with a decidedly sore thumb.
I am definitely glad I had someone available to help me with this situation, as I am not sure I could have pulled back the slide on my own. Which would have left me with the option of jerking my thumb free from the action, in which case I'd prolly be writing this after a quick stop in the ER to get my thumb sewn up from what probably would have been 2-4 deep gashes. Only side effects now seem to be what I imagine is going to be some wicked bruising, and maybe some nail damage as the left side of my nail is bent inward to a ninety degree angle.
Thnx for listening to my silly story all.

-Mitchell R. Drews
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