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Hi folks,

As a newcomer to the pistol shooting game, I studiously trolled the handgun forums and the manufacturer's Web sites. Then, after trying out several different pistols, I decided to purchase a 9mm XD Tactical. To be precise, I'll buy it after my permit arrives (which takes 45 days in Canada).

Naturally, I've checked out Springfield's "XD Custom" page, and a couple of things caught my eye, which brings me to the point of this posting:

1) Should I order the XD with the stainless steel guide rod? I understand from Don's Guide Rod FAQ that the factory rod is hollow; will SS make a difference? Yes, yes, I've already read someone else's post about starting out "stock" and building on experience. I just figured that since I'm ordering the XD anyway, I might as well have the custom rod installed and be done with it.

2) What does Springfield mean when they say, "Refit factory barrel for match grade accuracy?" Is that a replacement for a worn-out barrel, or is this some kind of custom work available for a new or fully functional pistol? Would that be a worthwhile investment?

I'm fully aware that the darn thing will be more accurate than I am, it's just that I want to cut down on my list of excuses when I _finally_ get to the range.

Thanks for your advice!
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i recomend teh Don's Guide Rod. The "stock" piece is a hollow metal cylinder with a spring on teh outside, and a rod and spring on the inside and its all held together by a threaded fixture. More parts equals more things to break in my book, and in my case, it happened. This problem seems to affect teh .40cal though, as I haven't heard of teh captive guide rod system fragging in a 9mm yet. Another plu for teh Don's guide rod is that you can use different springs to adjust how stiff or free the slide moves.
Thanks for your thoughts. Any comment on the "refit barrel" that SA offers on its XD Custom page? Is it a fix for a worn-out barrel, or an enhancement to a functional one?
If you get the tactical you do not have to worry about it breaking, even if hollow. It seems pretty solid to me. I would recommend Don's Rod for a service model as those have the somewhat deficient in execution captive telescoping recoil assembly system. IT is up to you in the Tactical, it does not need Don's rod.

As far as a match grade barrel, well if you are new to shooting, don't bother. The basic stock gun will shoot better then you can if you are new to this sport. I would recommend a match grage barrel and bushing only for serious competitiors where a fraction of an inch will be critical in score. Once you have gotten some experience if you feel you really have to have this option, go for it. For now I would say it is a wasteof money, but hey, it's your money.
If your going to carry conceiled I'd go with the service model.

I have a XD40 service and an XD40 tactical and IMHO find the service better to carry conceiled and the tactical better for the range and competition.

Ultimatly it's your decision and you can't go wrong with either model. I find both to be great guns.

BTW I highly reccomend the Comp Tac C-TAC holsters. www.comp-tac.com
dave said:
"If your going to carry conceiled I'd go with the service model. "

correct me if I'm wrong, but canada has a 5 inch minimum on barrel length.
If thats the case I have learned something new today. 8)
wJAKE19 said:
dave said:
"If your going to carry conceiled I'd go with the service model. "

correct me if I'm wrong, but canada has a 5 inch minimum on barrel length.
Move to the US and become a US citizen and you can buy all 3 f them ;).

If is going to be a carry gun then I would opt for night sights on the Tactical. Everything else is pretty good on it. As far as the Dons rod on the Tactical goes, you will gain advantage of having extra weight up front to help a little bit with recoil. Or you can do what I did and just fill the rod with lead ;).
He's in Canada. He can't carry concealed legally and the shortest barrel he can have is 105mm or 4.134".

An Xd Service barrel is 4.05" which is 102.87mm.

Just an FYI. 8)

Thanks for your advice - maybe I will go "strictly stock" after all. Come to think of it, my wife was the one that suggested we take up this sport (really!) so it's not too far-fetched to imagine buying a racier pistol down the road.

By the way, Gaspipes is correct: in Canada, I cannot legally carry a concealed weapon, and the minimum barrel length is 4".

It's possible to own a shorter-barrelled weapon, but only if you owned it before the latest incarnation of our gun laws. That means, if you have a so-called "prohibited" weapon you cannot pass it down to your kids, you pass it to the Gov't whereupon they destroy it. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks again for helping out a newbie! I'll submit a range report when I finally get my new toy.
Good luck and good shooting. Stay safe.
Just for info the guide rod in my XD tac lasted mmmmm about 150 rounds then it was so chewed up I sent it in to SA for a replacement. And it is a .40 also, just for info sake. 8)
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