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XD Mags

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I see that Brownells has XD magazine now

817-000-014 for 9mm

817-000-015 for 40 S&W

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no joke, i cant find any one with any of them
Well, you could always use it as a single shot. :)

$30. is about the going price for a steel magazine. Sig mags new are $35-$40.

Heck, just a year ago we were paying $100+ for a stupid 13rd plastic magazine.

BTW, I just ordered 4 from Brownells at dealer price which is $20.95 each. It did not say they were out of stock but I'll know for sure tomorrow.
Brownells has the .40 mags(12rd) in stock. They sent me e-mail confiming it.
In stock according to the web site.

Click the link above, then click BUY. When you view your cart it says in stock or out of stock. Their website is very accurate in my experience. I have been ordering stuff through them for years. I got confirmation and tracking number for the mags I ordered. UPS says they will be here Monday.
outdooramerica.com had 10 15rd factory mags in stock friday evening I ordered 2 got confirmation today that they have been shipped. 2 mags w/shipping 51.90
I ordered two .40 cal full caps from Bachman Pawn and Gun in Texas for $23.99x2 + $8 shipping. I was kinda pissed about the shipping, but they were here from Texas in two days.
$25-30 for a mag may seam like alot, but the cheap mags are just crap. :shock: Spent the money for good mags and they will last you a life time. The XD mags are some of the best mags that I have owned. :lol:
Went to Brownells in search for 15 round 9mm but were out of stock. Did search and have 2 on the way from cactustactical.com, $29.99 a piece -$6.00 shipping. I couldn't find where outdooramerica.com had your deal mentioned in above post. Additional note shortly after I ordered those found I could have saved a little from pistol-gear and this weekend went to a local sporting good store and they now have xd mags for $28. So just wish I had a little patience to do a little more shopping around.
Old School said:
We have plenty in stock, if you are still in need.

And that price ($22.99) beats Brownells too. Good move.
jason10572002 said:
But I wonder who makes them? There's no brand name. If they're ProMag, then I don't recommend them.
They may be OEM mags. The difference is, what is Natchez's cost out the door? If you get one mag from them, they charge an additonal $10 for S&H. I would say that we are comparable in the end, and a lot friendlier. :)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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