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XD in USPSA Limited

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Here's the question, wthat mods would you do to an XD-40 to get it ready to compete in USPSA Limited/Limited 10? And, is there anyone out there using the XD in Limited and if so how's it working for you?

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The 5" XD40 Tactical wouldn't be a bad platform to start with. I don't see any 4"ers at USPSA matches except in Production. They would be considered handicapped due to the shorter sight plane and the slight velocity loss. The service model would be challenge to use at 15 yards and out. That said here is what I would have done.

1. Bomar combat rear sight mounted low.
2. A Dawson or Hi Viz fiber optic front sight.
3. A good trigger job.
4. At least 5 Hi Cap mags with pierce extensions(for Limited). The more the better.
4a. A Magwell
5. Competition holster like Houges or CR Speed with 3 competition mag
pouches. CR Speeds belt systems are the best and are must haves.

Thats all that pops to my mind right now...hope it helps some.
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Thanks lodraw!!
lodraw said:
5. Competition holster like Houges....
A friend of mine uses one of these for his G34 and it works great! My question is how well does the XD fit in this holster? I felt that with the slide contoured the way it is, it may not come into contact with the magnets as well as a flat-sided slide. That is, if we are talking about the same holster. :wink:
I run both 4" & 5". Usually use the 4" in the winter months when we shoot at the in-door range. For limited I use the 4" 9mm and .40 mags w/+2 base pads and start with 19 rds in the gun. No mods to the gun. I use the 5" .40 in L10 with major PF loads & in Production with 130 PF bunny fart loads & Don's guide rod and a 16 lb spring.
For holsters, I use a Hoffners with the 4" and a Blade Tech belt holster for the 5". I use a combination of Hoffner and Blade Tech mag pouches.
Hoffner Holster
Hoffner Mag Pouch
Where do you order the basepads from?? I have never seen them anywhere
sturmruger said:
Where do you order the basepads from?? I have never seen them anywhere
Ajames sells them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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