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XD-HS2000.com Great people...

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I am new to the forum, and I apologize for not posting sooner, but I had to tell you about my dealings so far with XD-HS2000.com

I placed my order for a matrix holster and the T.F.O sights through PayPal, and got confirmation from James that he had received it - sadly the matrix holster was out of stock, and he asked about me ordering the XD-gear holster possibly.

I had seen it, I kinda wanted both anyhow - so I said bill me the extra - I forgot I had used paypal till the next day - making it impossible for him to bill me!

I called today to hopefully pay the roughly $8.00 difference, but catch this... He had already sent it!!! I couldn't believe it - then he says thanks for shopping with him and sorry for not having the page current - I can't believe James - Your too dang nice!

Thanks so much and hopefully you get the matrix in soon - then maybe you can let me add the difference to it, as I feel indebted for your fast service and customer support - You have me as a customer!

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