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XD holster.

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I was at a gun show today, and stopped to check out the 5 inch tactical >40 cal, which came with 3 hi-cap mags and a special holster provided by SA, this was a package thing directly from SA. I really liked the holster, but i was told that it was exclusive to the package deal, I almost bought the gun, but I already have the 4 inch .40. but honestly, i might go back and get it, new gun, sweet holster, 3 hi-caps, all for $450.

Anyway, has anyone seen the holster i'm talking about, or know if it's actually exclusinve to that package?
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wow, yeah it did, thanks.
Not worth it. The holster...IMO...really sucks. Way too retentive for fast draw, fairly uncomfortable and looks like it would snap quick if someone grabbed it from behind (ala Fobus). Hell, I even had to chamfer out the bolt hole just so the screw would go all the way to the nut. Jeez.

If you lived around me I'd just give you mine.
paper tiger said:
Not worth it. The holster...IMO...really sucks. Way too retentive for fast draw
I'll second paper tiger's comments, I have the holster as well. Even with my own special "Modifications" I can't loosen it's grip on the gun. Unless I use two hands when I draw the holster pulls right off my hip.

Gotta be better choices, I am still looking.
Yep the holster is not worth much. I have a Fobus paddle holster that I like much better. I'm not really sure what the 5" models are selling for but I bought the XD Gear-up package with three hi-caps in 9mm last week for $423 out the door.
Wow! I’m amazed at all the negative comments on the Springfield Armory’s XD paddle holster. I got one of them free with my XD-40 service model and I love it. I have not had any problem with gun retention being too tight (there is a screw to adjust that and I had to loosen mine a little bit at first). I can easily draw the gun single handed; a quick push with my thumb on the top of the paddle as I grasp the gun and it comes right out of the holster. I have had it for less than a week but have worn it twice for about six hours each time and barely knew it was on my hip both standing and sitting. I wonder if they changed the design of the holster? How long have you guys had yours?

Well I just ordered a fobus belt holster for mine, i hope it doesnt suck
Fobus. None of my local gun stores will carry it any more due to gun-grab issues. Somewhere out there is a video of a guy yanking back on the holster from behind and the holster comes apart.

Fobus knows this and is working on the defect.

MCB, mine is new. Just bought the gun 3 weeks ago. Even with the screw backed out it still won't loosen the hold on the gun. Sorry, but when I would draw the thing, the whole holster would try to pull out.

I have an IWB now, much better.
mcb said:
Wow! I’m amazed at all the negative comments on the Springfield Armory’s XD paddle holster. How long have you guys had yours?
I've only had mine a few weeks but I've used/worked with it a good bit trying to get it to loosen up. Even removing the tension screw completely had no effect. I like the looks and adjustability of the holster but I wanted something decently quick to use in some local action shooting events. If this thing ever loosens up I might change my tune but my intitial rating is low.

As I said above I am still looking for a better option, specifically for USPSA Production shooting.

Check out some of the other holster threads there are at least a handful of guys that like Fobus. I think I am going to check out Sarfailand.
Mine was tight too until I sprayed a little silicone lubricating spray into the interior. I suspect good ol' Armor All will work too. It took a couple of applications and the pistol slides in and out smoothly now with just enough retention. I use it for USPSA without any problems.

That said, it is not the type of holster I would choose for CCW. I have an IWB COM 3 holser from Eric at H. B. E. Specialty Leatherworks www.hbeleatherworks.com/. My research has shown that few if any Kydex holsters will withstand a viloent effort to remove the pistol. Most seem to break fairly quickly. I prefer leather for CCW whether it is an IWB or OWB style.
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