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XD gunsmith Rich Dettelhouse

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Has anybody used Rich Dettelhouse to do work on their Springfield Armory XD?
What kind of work did he do on your XD?
Can you recommend him?

Can you recommend a source for Trijicon® Sights?

Thank you,
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Order everything from www.pistol-gear.com

As for Rich, I can't say enough GOOD things about him and his work. He installed sights and did a complete trigger job and it was worth every penney. It made my XD40 into a different gun, it's just a night and day difference. Turnaround time is quite fast as well, you won't find a better gunsmith for the XD IMO.


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I just got mine back today, Niiiiiiiice:

trigger work
new sights
gun kote (very nice job, even coat)
No one knows the XD better than Rich. Period. 8)
I talked to him Recently and WOW does he know AND shoot
the XD ....alot...
Will be sending him MY Duty XD SOON for alot of work..
Sorry, maybe I missed this, how do we get in touch with this guy :?:
Rich worked on mine and yes, I recommend him.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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