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XD 9mm 32rd. Magazines...$19.97

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Hi everyone, just an FYI...I was just looking through the latest SportsmansGuide magazine www.sportsmansguide.com and noticed they have 32rd. Magazines for the 9mm XD's on sale for $19.97 or $17.97 if you are a member of their buyer club. Wish they had them for my .40's The catalog number is HX5A2-96843.

Semper Fi
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:D Hey Jarhead!

I saw that ad also and was wondering who might make those mags? Any ideas? I've got a 357 sig XD and would love to see a .40 mag that holds 30-32 rounds. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Whats the "1094" in your moniker? Its not an MOS is it?

Semper Fidelis,

Hi GLOCKTENMAN, I don't know who makes those, but yeah, I would love to have a couple in the .40 if they come out with some. The 1094 isn't an MOS, it was the platoon I was in boot camp back in 87 at Parris Island...my MOS was 0351, which back then was Anti-Tank Assaultman, using the Dragon missle, which I don't think they use anymore, I thinks it the Javelin now. Have a good one.

Semper Fi
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