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XD-9 in right hand, camera in left

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Out playing with my guns and new camera a couple of weeks ago I caught these frames in low resolution movie mode with a $320 Canon SD300. The first frame tells a lot about a ported XD-9.

I fired five shots but only got this one framed very well because I was aiming the gun, not the camera.

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huaco said:
I fired five shots but only got this one framed very well because I was aiming the gun, not the pistol.
Errr....wait.....OK now I get it...insert the word "camera" somewhere....
Thanks for pointing that out SON. Fixed.
Is that an outside range? Looks pretty serene in there.
Yeah, which Houston area range is that, anyways?

I'll answer you questions about this range by pasting in something I posted in another forum some time back. We're currently looking to increase membership. More info here.

I've been a member of Bayou Rifles for ten years or so and have done my shooting at their ranges exclusively for all practical purposes. There have been some ups and downs but things seem to be getting better all the time lately. On Sept 4 we reopened the remodeled Juliff range with a new 600 and 1000 yard high power range. I went out and looked it over this weekend and all I can say is that 1000 yards is a real long shot. This range is near Pearland. You can shoot most anything here and there are ranges for most any purpose. It's unsupervised and open any day.

The Addicks range is off Eldridge and just north of I-10. Most pistols and muzzle loaders up to 50 cal and rimfire rifles can be used here. No centerfire rifles are allowed. There are four ranges...rifle silhouette, pistol bullseye, casual pistol, and pistol silhouette. This range is open on Friday afternoons, all day Saturday, Sunday, and most holidays when we have a volunteer Range Safety Officer on duty as required by the Corps of Engineers. Volunteer RSOs (like me) can shoot there any time as a perk for spending half a day on duty every couple of months. The club provides and pays for training necessary to get the NRA RSO certs. The addicks range is in the Addicks Resoirvoir and does flood occasionally.

Both ranges are nice well kept properties with locked gates. It's not unusual to be alone or nearly alone there.

Bayou Rifles is mostly run by serious competitive shooters. I'm just a plinker and a person who wants to stay competent with my CCW and get along with them just fine. I like the fact that I frequently go to a range and have it to myself.

Bayou Rifles was established in 1936. The ranges are available only to members and their guests. Membership requires a background check and orientation class. Annual dues are $140 and there is a first time sign up fee of about that much. I shot at ASC for a few years but have been there only once since joining Bayou Rifles
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how much does it cost to shoot at the addicks range? i always go to ASC but im getting tired of it.
Stunna, just the sign up fee and annual dues as mentioned above. There is no hourly, per person, or per gun charge once you are a member. The ranges are available only to members and their guests. I should add that the Addicks range does flood occasionally and that you have to pick up your brass at both ranges. The various sections of the ranges are closed to everyone except those competing when those sections are hosting competitions but that's never really been a problem for me.

The board is considering an open house day to promote new membership. I'll post about that if and when it happens.
Been looking for a place like this. Can I go in as a guest before I decide to join?
Perhaps next time you might consider using a tripod... :wink:
Thanks for the info but ill stick to the 7.25 at the ASC off westheimer i just go thru the barrels of brass and have started my own collection. Seeing as i am only 22 and dont really have the free time to go to a range i pay yearly for. ASC was 200 bucks a year but you get to use steel and all the ranges. dont know if its a good deal but when i move back home in May me and my dad (agalindo) will only be paying 20 bucks a year for range memberships.
Look at the BR website link on my above post. Check the match schedule. The gate is open when there is a match going on in compliance with NRA rules. All the matches except high powered rifle are at the Addicks range. Find the RSO in the orange hat and tell him you are a prospective new member and want to look around. You may or not find someone that will take you on as a guest but at least you'll get a look at the place. I think that if you are a NRA member you can participate in the match but I'm not sure. Matches start early in the day and are usually over by 2:30.

If I get to a point where I can plan to be there a couple of days in advance I might PM you and we can meet up but my life is somewhat unpredictable lately so don't hold your breath.
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