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I went to the range this morning to shoot my first reloads for my Springfield XD-9 Service. I handloaded five or more of each powder load listed below to test and get an average. I was trying to find out the lowest powder charge that would cycle the action but didn't go low enough.

Berry’s 124 gr. 9mm Plated Round Nose
Alliant Bullseye Powder
Winchester Brass
CCI Small Pistol Primer
1.15 OAL/Firm Taper Crimp

4.8 1190.6 avg. fps
4.6 1141
4.4 1097
4.2 1067
4.0 1038.8
3.8 1006.8
3.6 959.6
3.4 920

4.8 grains seemed hot
4.6 seemed like a factory load - My new load
No signs of excessive pressure

Test Gun: Springfield XD-9 Bitone Service 4” barrel
No malfunctions - cycled all rounds – even the light ones!
Stock recoil spring/fouled barrel
85-90 degrees - no wind

What are your thoughts? How about the OAL? I got it from Alliant's website.

I continue to really like my XD! It has been completely reliable. The standard capacity magazines I finally received make it even more fun!

Warning! You must consult and compare several sources before loading your own rounds. This was my experience, and I am not recommending these loads. This information is posted for comparison only.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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